Lexus RZ pre-production model


Pre-production model shown¹


Lexus will advance its leadership in electrification with the all-new Lexus RZ battery electric vehicle (BEV) confirmed to be followed by all-new Lexus sedan, SUV and sports car BEVs that will harness next-generation Lexus performance development.

At the pinnacle of the four-tier next-generation Lexus BEV models, the next-generation BEV sports car will inherit the secret recipe of performance formulated on the hallowed Lexus LFA.

Lexus will pursue the fun of driving, and the next-generation Lexus Driving Signature with BEVs to make this the brand itself, offering a full global line-up of BEVs in all categories by 2030 and committing to a fully electric global line-up by 2035.

The first Lexus with a dedicated BEV platform, the all-new Lexus RZ, will globally debut the RZ 450e model designation and DIRECT4 four-wheel drive – where front-, rear- or all-wheel drive can be independently delivered to allow for natural posture control and enhance the renowned Lexus Driving Signature.

Lexus RZ pre-production model
Pre-production model shown¹

Lexus International President Koji Sato said that the Lexus Electrified vision for Lexus means extracting the full potential of the vehicle through electrification technology.

“We will deliver a unique electrified Lexus that combines linear motor acceleration/deceleration, brake feeling and exhilarating handling to further pursue the joy of driving,” Mr Sato said.

“In particular, we believe that the Battery EV will become the future symbol of Lexus as a model that most clearly expresses the evolution of the automobile brought about by electrification.”

“The process of strengthening the fundamentals and pursuing the Lexus Driving Signature will not change even if it is a Battery EV.”

“The endless pursuit of the Lexus Driving Signature will move to the next stage through development of the new Sports Battery EV. With bold proportions and low ride height essential to a sports car, it will showcase the unique driving performance of a Lexus and become a model that symbolises the future of the brand.”

“Acceleration time will be in the ‘low 2 second’ range, cruising range over 700km, and with the possible use of solid-state batteries in mind, we will aim to create a truly high performance Battery EV.”

“Through Battery EVs, we will develop Lexus into a brand that offers a variety of experiences harnessing performance development that only a car maker like Lexus could do, and by honing the craft of making ever more personal products.”

The Lexus RZ – meaning Radiant and Zero/Z-Axis, a design that sets itself apart from existing BEVs and is injected with driving pleasure measured off a new axis – represents next-generation Lexus design inspired by the LF-Z Electrified Concept.

Dramatically enhancing the renowned Lexus Driving Signature, DIRECT4 four-wheel drive force control technology is joined by intuitive steering operation made possible by steer-by-wire to provide a driving experience where driver input and vehicle behaviour are synchronised.

UX 300e sits charging
Lexus Electrified

Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

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1.Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.


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