1.The Lexus Concierge Program (the Program) provides eligible guests with the opportunity to have their preferred Lexus model delivered to their home or office by a participating Lexus dealership to complete a test drive.

2.The Program is available to guests who have received an invitation from Lexus Australia, are over 18 and have a full driver's license. The Program is not transferable.

3.The availability of the Program is subject to a participating Lexus dealership operating within a reasonable distance from the guest's home or office. Whilst every attempt will be made to facilitate the availability of the Program, Lexus Australia makes no representations as to the availability of the Program in any particular location.

4.Upon receipt of an eligible guest's request for participation in the Program, Lexus Australia will contact the eligible guest to determine whether a participating Lexus dealership is available to offer the Program. If so, the eligible guest will be transferred to the relevant Lexus Australia dealership to book the Program.

5.Bookings for the Program must be made during the relevant Lexus dealership's published trading hours and selection of Lexus vehicles for use in the Program will be subject to availability at the relevant participating Lexus dealership.

6.The duration of the test drive forming part of the Program will be as determined between the eligible guest and the relevant Lexus dealership. Standard terms and conditions of test driving Lexus vehicles will apply.

7.The relevant Lexus dealership may in its full discretion refuse to deliver a Lexus vehicle to any requested location if it believes it not to be reasonably accessible, not safe or for any other consideration whatsoever.

8.The eligible guest will be fully responsible for ensuring that the Lexus vehicle remains in the condition in which it was delivered at all times that it is in the eligible guest's possession. The eligible guest will be liable for any and all damage identified at the time that the relevant Lexus dealer collects the Lexus vehicle.


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